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How thieves use smartphones to break into vehicles or homes in New York City

How thieves use smartphones to break into vehicles or homes in New York City CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Thieves with a few minutes and $6 can use a smartphone app to copy your key. Then, they can break into your vehicle or even home. (Source: WSOC-TV) The app is called KeyMe. You can scan your key and order a copy without having to go to the hardware store. But think how often you hand over your keys or leave them out: at the auto mechanic, valet parking, car wash, gym, or even work. Criminals can use the app to scan your key and order themselves a copy. "That's really freaky. That's scary," said Charlotte resident Allison Berviglia. Sounds far-fetched? WSOC-TV's Jason Stoogenke copied a key belonging to one of his news producers and helped himself to her home -- with her permission. He downloaded the app, scanned her house key and ordered a copy. The key came a few days later and worked. Stoogenke got into her home and it cost him only $6. Even more disturbing: The post office actually delivered the key to the wrong address. While that wasn't KeyMe's fault -- it was the letter carrier's -- it was still a serious mix-up. Thankfully, the neighbor who got the key turned it over to the rightful recipient. Police worry about stalkers, not just burglars. While many people worry about burglars using this technology, police worry about stalkers, as well. "That suspect would put in that time, would put in that effort, to use an app like this to obtain access to somebody's property," Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Chris Kopp said. KeyMe's response KeyMe's Michael Harbolt said even though Stoogenke pulled this off, real criminals would be "putting their career, paycheck, health insurance and livelihood on the line by committing this crime." But, for those criminals who would risk all of that, KeyMe is always working on new safeguards. He also insists, even if the app makes it easier for criminals to copy keys, it's much riskier for them than copying victims' keys at the hardware store. He says the app makes the crime far less anonymous. More trending stories "All the security protocols we have in place create a digital sort of paper trail that can easily lead us back to responsible party," he said. In other words, KeyMe knows your Apple ID, credit card, mailing address, billing address, and email address. "Isn't it much more likely that a criminally minded co-worker would simply take the key down to a local locksmith-- who accepts cash and doesn't have any accountability-- get a copy made from the physical key, then drop the keys off in lost-and-found?" Harbolt asks. "To put it another way, given a choice of the these two options-- one where you can easily be identified and one where there is no risk of being identified-- as a criminal, which option are you more likely to pursue when attempting to commit a crime?" And that could be a big deterrent. In fact, Harbolt said KeyMe has sold hundreds of thousands of keys so far and has yet to hear of a single case involving the app. Protect yourself Keep a close eye on your keys Have keys that say, "Do not duplicate" When you have to hand off your vehicle key, take it off the key chain so at least theives can't have access to you home KeyMe suggestions Share keys only with people you trust Assume that anyone with access to your keys can make a copy Keep your keys out of sight as much as possible (in a pocket, purse, or drawer) Change your lock if your key is compromised follow us on https://twitter.com/HagiKeynlockny posted by www.key-n-lock.com

12 Ways to avoid NYC Locksmith scams.

12 Ways to avoid NYC Locksmith scams. Don't wait until you're locked out at night in the cold to contact a locksmith. Know ahead of time who you'd call, should you ever have a need for this kind of service. And keep that number in your phone, wallet, purse and car. 1SFirst find their address on their ad or website. Try to find on Google and other directory listings customer reviews. Don't wait till you need them before calling them; call them simply to learn a few things: 1) Where are their technicians based? 2) Are they licensed? 3) What is the registered name of the business? If at this point you don't get good vibes from them, end the transaction. Otherwise, then ask about their preliminary cost estimate. An unbelievably low quote (like $20) probably means a scam or hidden costs. If they answer your phone call with a generic name such as "locksmith services," be suspicious. If they can't give a specific business name, move on. When it's time to hire a locksmith, inform the dispatcher you need to see the technician's certification and ID, and that you would like a written estimate prior to the service. Before having them come out, make sure you get information about any extra charges such as for mileage, service call minimums or emergency hours. Check the locksmith's vehicle; it should be marked, and get the license number. Ask to see his locksmith license. The following states require locksmiths to be licensed: Alabama, California, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas. If the locksmith insists on cash, this may mean a scam. If the technician won't give a written estimate before starting the job, end the transaction. If the onsite estimate doesn't match the phone estimate, do not permit the job to be performed. If he says, "The lock needs to be drilled out," ask why, because a professional locksmith should have the skills and tools to unlock just about any door. Don't pay until you're satisfied with the job. follow us on twitter : https://twitter.com/HagiKeynlockny re posted by http://www.key-n-lock.com

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I have a problem that requires your service in NYC but it is after normal hours.

I have a problem that requires your service but it is after normal hours. In most situations we provide 24 hour emergency locksmith service, our phones are answered by the locksmiths on duty.

If I move to a different address In New York City what can be done about added security?

If I move to a different address what can be done about added security? Key N Lock NYC Locksmiths can rekey the existing locks as well as install additional locks to better secure your home or business.

Do products which need repair have to be taken to one of the Key N Lock NYC Locksmiths shops?

Do products which need repair have to be taken to one of the Key N Lock NYC Locksmiths shops? No, we have 9 equipped and radio dispatched service vans that provide service at your home or business. Locksmiths NYC

If my keys are lost or stolen do I have to buy new locks?

If my keys are lost or stolen do I have to buy new locks? No, in most cases your existing lock can be rekeyed so the old key will no longer work.

If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your house in New York City?

If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your house (and come on, most of us have at one point or another) you’re familiar with the mad dash to find a locksmith to come and bail you out of trouble. It’s easy to go with the first locksmith who pops up in your Google search, but just because his or her Google search results are high doesn’t mean they’re hands-down your best choice. So, what’s a locked-out person to do? Educate yourself, of course! You need a list of questions for locksmiths and that’s where we come in. Questions for Locksmiths Type of Work The first question after the hellos should be, “What type of work do you do?” There are many types of locksmiths out there, and just because they’re certified in safe locks doesn’t automatically mean they can handle door locks. It’s important to ask this before you let them know what kind of work you need. Too often we hear stories about locksmiths who simply tell every customer they can handle anything. It’s just not true. Your questions for locksmiths should include those that dig deep into what kind of work they do. Licensing and Insurance Not all states require locksmiths to be licensed, but insurance is a different ballgame. Every locksmith should be insured. So on your list of questions for locksmiths should be, “Are you licensed in this state?” and “What kind of insurance do you carry?” If they aren’t licensed or insured, politely tell them to the hit the road. (Not really, but I would certainly ask why they’re not licensed or insured.) Rates As with any independent contractor, rates vary from locksmith-to-locksmith. Add to your list of questions for locksmiths how they charge. Some charge a set amount per task, while others charge an hourly rate. If you have a locksmith who charges per task, you’ll pay for every lock replaced/repaired instead of by the hour. How they charge doesn’t necessarily indicate whether or not they’re a qualified locksmith, but it gives you an idea of how much it will cost. Background Checks Because I’m a natural worrier, background checks are a biggie for me. You’re entrusting a lot to your locksmith. They’ll have full access to your entire house or building. This isn’t something I would trust to any Joe Shmoe off the street, so on your list of questions for locksmiths, ask if the company runs background checks on their employees. Of course, if you’re a facility owner and need someone to find a locksmith for you, I may have an insider connection to a place that can do that. Locksmiths NYC

A beautiful home needs protection - Key N Lock NYC

A beautiful home needs protection. When you have an issue with your roof, would you hire anyone off the street to help you? Well, no. This is why you should hire a professional. The tips here will help you find a professional locksmith. If you’re locked out, it’s not always necessary to replace the lock. A skilled locksmith will be able to get the door unlocked without needing to replace your current lock. Lock replacement is an extra expense that you don’t need. When you paint your house, be sure to cover the locks prior to painting. If you make the mistake of sealing the lock, you will probably need a locksmith. Covering all your locks can eat some time, but it’s a lot faster and cheaper than using a locksmith to change them all. Preparation is key, even if you don’t think you’ll hire a locksmith down the road. Research to find reputable professionals that can be contacted for emergencies. Then, save the number in your mobile phone. Avoid higher fees by calling a locksmith during his normal business hours. After business hours, locksmith rates can vary greatly. For instance, if a regular hour service for getting back into your car is only , it might be after hours. Be sure to look up a locksmith on the BBB’s website. You can figure out if the locksmith is trustworthy or not. There is another site, ALOA.org, which tells you whether or not a locksmith is reliable. Try to target a locksmith that is part of a community of locksmith professionals. It helps to ensure that you have a true professional working on your locks. It also helps knowing that he or she will not scam you out of money. Prior to allowing any locksmith into the home, be certain you receive references and identification. It’s best to take the additional step and actually call the references. You of course want the best in service, but you also must be able to have 100 percent trust in the person you let into your home. When you call a locksmith for the first time, always ask how long they have been in business for. Have they always worked in the same location? A locksmith with more than a few years of experience would be a great choice. Just as you’d only hire a trained electrician when you need wiring done, you should only hire a qualified locksmith to deal with your home’s security issues. Do you know how to find a professional you can trust? Follow the tips in this article. This will help you make a good choice. Locksmiths NYC



"What is your occupation?" asked the judge...." joke

"What is your occupation?" asked the judge...." joke "What is your occupation?" asked the judge. "I`m a locksmith, your honor." "And what were you doing in the jeweler`s shop at three in the morning when the police officers entered?` " I was making a bolt for the door!" Locksmiths NYC

"Tips For Calling an Locksmiths NYC Answering Service" joke

"Tips For Calling an Locksmiths NYC Answering Service" joke Tips for calling a business that has an answering service. When you get the answering service, please remember these vital tips. 1) When you call a lockout company, make sure you give the operator the telephone number on your account. It's considered proper procedure for the locksmith to drive to the office to look up an alternate number where you'll be at, and then drive to you. I believe it's quicker that way too. 2) After giving your last name to the operator on the line, and they ask for your first, It's ok to just say Mr or Mrs. Your voice can be deceiving as some people just may not have hit puberty by age 45. 3) If you're calling your apartment complex because your toilet is overflowing and you cant shut the water off, please go and get some coffee. The maintenance people dont need you at home to get inside. that's what they make credit cards for. 4) If it's July, and your a/c hasnt worked for 2 months, please call at 2am. Our service reps are just switching shifts and the new shift will be nice and rested to drive to the edge of the boondocks for you. 5) If you just happen to be a nurse, and you're calling for a doctor that's new to the hospital, dont worry about what extention ICU is. He's a doctor and he's memorized all of the hospital's codes for every city before he graduates medschool. He remembers best when its 2 am. 6) No, sir, i'm sorry. A/C technicians don't make house calls. Please bring your outside Heating and Air Conditioning unit into the shop to get repaired. And the final tip is... If you're a patient and you're calling your doctor afterhours because the medication he's prescribed for you isnt working properly, please let the operator on the line know your whole medical history. The more they know, the better they can help you! (everyone else calling can wait!!!) Locksmiths NYC

Why did the elephant call the locksmith?

"Why Elephants Need Locksmiths" joke Why did the elephant call the locksmith? Because he lost his keys in his trunk! Locksmiths NYC